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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This is your Team Is selected by anointing and favor to safe guard the running of the ministry and radio  station without merit wage or stage , they all give there spare time to run minster and people around the world grow within ministry and the  to be directed through prayer and salvation to the kingdom of God.

The Mission

Cornerstone Christian radio was formed in October 2015 & has recently relocated from Blackpool to Wales. Our mission is to teach the bible through our shows, ministry & outreach on the streets. We believe in sound doctrine & teaching the true gospel of Christ. Our mission is to save the lost & help the homeless in Wales through our outreach & fellowship projects & plan's. 

We are currently putting together a Christen Rights political party and Church directory & Christian Holidays.

We are also developing Subscribers pack , so that you can have reading and study material each month.

Along with a news letter, and we will provide a bible T shirts and pen on the first subscription of £15.00 for 12 months 

Each month will be a different subject from False Churches to the End of days the reading material will reflect the readings from the King James bible and will have teachings/sermons from well known evangelists and preachers. 

We also train new presenters so they can broadcast the gospel and there passion to over 115 countries and use there talents to encourage others to know about Jesus the Great commission and Salvation.

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Pastor Kris Walburton

Potter's House  Prayer Ministry 

Cornerstone Christian Radio

Head of Pastoral Advice prayer team.

Pastor Kris, is the Radio teams spiritual advisor and mentor , he prays for the team and he is dedicated to praying for the world.

If you would like prayer please go onto the contact page or leave us an email at the prayer will be then read on the Revival well Show with Cameron Kennedy on Sunday nights at 8pm -9pm.

Matthew John Eden, original name Matthew John Branson born in Birmingham 1969, became a Christian in 1983 when Billy Graham Came to Aston Park to evangelise .

Matthew then spent many years slipping away from Christ mainly DJ work night clubs big names and travelled to America , Canada and Greece 1987 -2005, then in Coming back to Christ in 2010 , then creating a Homeless organisation that housed and clothed and would feed the disfranchised and the desperate , in a organisation called the Mustard seed group. Matthew then formed The Cornerstone Christian radio after a calling a vision he had .

Matthew has had personal battle against Prosperity groups Churches continues to fight for Christian rights and promote Salvation and the great commission in all the Radio shows and programmes .

Matthew was an ordained pastor of the Church of England in 2010 but refuses to hold the title but uses his evangelistic approach to ministry , as he says its part of his daily conversation and life.Cornerstone Christian Radio was created in 2015 in Blackpool Uk and has been running ever since , creating disciples and broadcasting the foundations of faith 24/7 to over 115 Countries

Co producer and manager.
Aaron Vaughn Graham

 AAron Vaughn Graham longest serving member of the team loyal friend and international artis in the USA Charts and Uk Christian label, he has give up so much to help Matthew in his daily fight for this radio Station to help keep it international and unique.

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