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Our Team.

The team is run , by volunteers that are dedicated to present the best production and guidance to other presenters.

All team members are volunteers that give up their free time to present the word and best Christian Worship and chat shows around.

Our Team.

This team of volunteers are both professional and dedicated to the lord.

They all work fulltime , in care work , support work and fulltime ministry .

No one has a wage , any donations if any are spent in the running of the radio.

The beginning.

This Radio Station was formed back in 2015  That The named at the time Mr. Matthew Branson had whilst in a church that wasn't fully involved in the purpose of Gods plans.

He describes having seen the Words cornerstone whilst listening to a pastor in Church the words where in neon lights.

Matthew describes later after he joined a normal un Christian Radio Station with His Show The Christian Chillout lounge in Blackpool Uk In Fylde Coast Radio , That one night he had a guest of an American evangelist and a local past .

Matthew happened to turn the white board in the studio , to see the words saying your new password to the internet in Cornerstone".

Matthew was shocked , later that evening he told the owner of the radio station the story , the owner not being a Christian told him well this odiously a sign of God you better leave my radio and set up your own.

From  there, Matthew has interviewed hundreds of well known Christians the same very show he had on the non Christian Radio ,but on then went on to  established Cornerstone Christian Radio.

Guest Chris Tomlin ,Franklin Graham, The late (Bobby Ball) Cindy L Hartline, Spenser Smith and many more.

The Radio station has had many different buildings and has to go on many learning journeys from being under the roof of prosperity to being breaking free loosening funding his break of friends and marriage to then moving to wales then to the midlands .

Now established as Cornerstone International Christian Radio.

Unlike some well known government and social funded radio stations , Cornerstone International Christian Radio, Prides itself on being unfunded therefore not restricted to rules and conditions that could be seen as unbiblical. Matthew has had to battle through hosilety against his Autistic nature ,and dyslexia, in his own words " no one is perfect , Only God , In the Cornerstone reading Jesus doesn't reject anyone , only Churches and uneducated peers who ostracize and belittle even though there nature is in conflict with God has clearly given to individuals such as I .

I never lay down i get up and fight and i never back down from the truth.

We pride ourselves on not now being in one studio as we are not then targeted by , LGBT or Islamic groups or prosperity driven leaders , all to whom have which tried to take the station down.

This Radio Station covers over 114 countries  and has an increase  listen ship of up to 79,000 and gowning.


The Mission

To Broadcast The Truth Even to the point of our own lives being at Risk.

Not to take any part of Prosperity or LGBT agender politics.

We will preach the true Gospel of Christ, we don't have presenters to whom are Gay , Catholics or prosperity charismatic  in their ways.

We promote the exposure of Cults and the illegal use of ,  Child trafficking 

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Pastor Kris Burton

Potter's House  Prayer Ministry 

Cornerstone Christian Radio

Head of Pastoral Advice prayer team.

Matthew John Eden, original name Matthew John Branson born in Birmingham 1969, became a Christian in 1983 when Billy Graham Came to Aston Park to evangelise .

Matthew then spent many years slipping away from Christ mainly DJ work night clubs big names and travelled to America , Canada and Greece 1987 -2005, then in Coming back to Christ in 2010 , then creating a Homeless organisation that housed and clothed and would feed the disfranchised and the desperate , in a organisation called the Mustard seed group. Matthew then formed The Cornerstone Christian radio after a calling a vision he had .

Matthew has had personal battle against Prosperity groups Churches continues to fight for Christian rights and promote Salvation and the great commission in all the Radio shows and programmes .

Matthew was an ordained pastor of the Church of England in 2010 but refuses to hold the title but uses his evangelistic approach to ministry , as he says its part of his daily conversation and life.Cornerstone Christian Radio was created in 2015 in Blackpool Uk and has been running ever since , creating disciples and broadcasting the foundations of faith 24/7 to over 115 Countries

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