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Grace Community Church 

The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything
A profound and far-reaching choral documentary that ranges from the mysteries of the stars and the universe, to the changes in the global stage, to mankind’s existence and development to recount the wondrous deeds of the Lord of creation from ancient times until today. This is a testimony from a whole new perspective of how the Lord of creation created all that is and rules and manages all things, how He gives sustenance to and nourishes mankind, and how He promotes the course of human history

Grace Community  Church Whitby, North Yorkshire England.

Beutiful traditional Church , But lively and full of Spirit..

Pastor Robin Singleton & hes wife Caroline, run an amazing welcoming Church.

Service starts at 10.30 am After service at 12.15 pm there will be tea/coffee and a midday lunch all are welcome

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