You can make a direct payment through the button above through PayPal, or you can make a standing order. all we ask is for £5.00 a month.

You will need to fill the form out as it is described below:

Account number: 28976468

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Cornerstone Christian Radio

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IBAN: GB33 LOYD 3090 9028 9764 68

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We are a non-profit organisation, we rely on the charity of God and the listeners to this Radio Station.

Our Monthly costs are up to £500 including rent.

We need to raise £2000 by December please donate just £5.00 and this will help us to continue to Broadcast to over 57 countries around the world about the love and ministry of our Lord and guide Jesus Christ.

 There is also away that you can sow into Cornerstone christian Radio by being a partner of ours , we have special packages available  by request if you would like your business featured on any of radio shows or if you would like to sponsor a show or maybe you would like a specialized advert made for your christian service or business.

on any other information you may need  please contact us on the email address : 

adverts start from £150

for 6 months advert typical length 15-25 seconds.

12 months is £300.00  length is the same .

​with theses deals you also are featured on the website for the duration you have signed for.

Broadcasting the foundations of faith from around the world for the world to know the gospel of Jesus.

This months target is to raise £1000 part of a total target of £15,000.

The reason for need is to ensure marketing revenue such as flyers badges posters and up to date recording equipment .

If you can help in any way we are just looking for people to sponsor us from £1.00 a week to £10.00 a month.

any money you donate will also go forward into other ministries we are desperate to help around the world to plant ministries and help self guard the innocent the deprived and the forgotten.