Please keep this Radio Station Running!

we despratly need your support to donate at least $5.00/£5.00 a month, due to covid and our stand against false Gospel teachings we have seen a need to ask for help we are not a commercial Radio Station, and as we are a self funding non profit Radio station any gift given helps us pay £600 a month that covers rent and running costs. We don't have many advertisers and we openly play Christian music from artists send us .

We don't believe into create adverts on air to promote worldly needs and advertise Charities for free.

We are therefore looking fore help for supporters and sponsors to sponsor us each month.

this will help continue and to exspand.

we are looking to out on the streets with flyers and infomation and books to encourage new belivers by working with Street Evangerlists, this will mean a camper van of sort , flyers and books that give step by step how to receive and live a christian life.

the starting out going fee for this would be at least £10000 and at £5000 for the purchase of the vehical or purchase of the books / banners and material.

if you require futher information please email me Matthew Branson

May god bless you with our vision.

Donate & support

Help support us support others,by building churches,in poor  non -financed areas of the world and supporting other organisations, charity's.

And  help us  continue to  broadcast the Foundations of faith for around the world 24/7.

Little Treasures Orphanage in Lahore India.

Please watch  the video and enlarge the video by clicking on the bottom right corner.

The Mission field

Cornerstone Church Dubai India.


Little Treasures in Lahore India

you can make a difference today, by setting up a direct debit or by donating through pay pal, we are non profit  ministry and all donations go to the running costs and make help the way for us to help others.

Such as being involved with outreach , training and keeping the radio station up to date and representing the ministry in a smart functional way so we can serve with a professional outlook.With your help we can provide outside events help raise awareness of Mental health, Depression groups, poor sanitary in countries, protection of children & Animals, but most importantly providing material and the licence to keep running each year so we can continue to reach further around the world into un -charted areas , by other radio stations.

We believe fully in spreading the full Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ and living out the great commission that's put within our lives as it says in  Matthew 28:16-20.

 You can also partner with us , we can offer an amazing deal that not many other radio station 's can offer!....... We will provide an on radio advert as well as a website advert on the supporters page along with a web link.

If this appeals to you or you would like to partner with us by sending your music or materials, please contact us by email.

Thank you for your support!