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Bathsheba Could Have Said “No”

Lisa Carson · Shared with Public

Bathsheba Could Have Said “No” It takes two to have an affair. In the book of Samuel (2 Sam. 11) King David has an affair with Bathsheba. She is married and so is he. He had seen her bathing and began to lust after her. Instead of resisting, instead of using self-control, instead of denying his sexual appetite, he has sex with her. SHE COULD HAVE SAID “NO.” Scholars are quick to point out that to deny a king could mean that it could cost you loss of property, your position, even your life. She still had the choice to say no. Each day we are tempted to do wrong things, to say wrongs things or to think wrong thoughts. It is always our choice. God gives us a four step plan to avoid adultery and other temptations. 1) Pray for strength to avoid people, places & situations that may tempt you. 2) Resist the temptation with all your might 3) Memorize scripture verses that can strengthen you. 4) Find another person to pray with you and that you can be accountable to. Because of their adultery Bathsheba became pregnant. The baby died because of their sin. Although David repented there was a heavy price to pay. Every time we sin, it always affects those closest to us. Each of our actions has a consequence, some are even eternal. “Heavenly Father, please make us aware when we are being tempted to sin. Give us the power of the Holy Ghost to resist the sin and flee the tempter.” In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen © Lisa Carson #spiritualwarfareinsightsofgod have your post like this put onto our blog page . We also advertise all evangelical and Baptist Churches free on a new page called Church directory . this offer will last until October where the Church will be charged then £5:00 this will include a website link to the churches website . Events and fundraising activities are excluded . Christian Cafes and business will also have the same offer . Matthew J Eden (Director) Cornerstone International Christian Radio . Broadcasting the foundations of faith and truth to across the Earth .

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