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Dangers of Gifts from Someone

Bright Ikedichi ·

Must read! Dangers in receiving gifts from people you don't know their intentions towards you, gifts is good and also dangerous. You need to be extremely careful before receiving gift's from anyone, your enemy is not far from you, your enemies are always close to you. The heart of a man is desperately evil and who can know it? Before accepting any help or offer from people most especially those you are not much familiar with please pray and ask for God's directions, is not every gift or help that comes your way is genuine, some are sent from the demonic world just to terminate your carrier, while some are also sent from God to uplift you in life, try to have a decernment spirit and be Wise. In life is not everyone who offer to help you really want you to excel higher in life, is not everyone you will accept offer from. There are evil people who intend to help you because of your great star,,this kind of people will only draw you closer just to destroy that great star they see in you, which after they will dump you once they have succeeded in killing your carrier and destiny in life. Please when ever you are in need of help in life just know the kind of people you run to, you might run into the hands of your enemies just because you are in a haste, try to have a deserning spirit so that you don't make mistakes. When ever an evil person sees your great star which you carry, he or she can give you every help you need just to destroy that great star, some people today have lost their destiny just because they ran into the wrong hands for help! Please when ever someone offer to help you in life make sure you enter into prayers to know if that helper is a God sent, or sent from devil or the evil ones just to destroy you. The same way God sends destiny herpes to people that is also the same way the evil ones also send destiny destroyers, there are futures or destiny helpers,,there are also future or destiny destroyers, you only need to be extremely careful . When ever you are in a deep problem that is when devil will send his agents to get you more faster, because that time you are in a problem you can even accept offer without minding where is coming from, so that's why you need to be extra careful in life. Always listen to the voice of God, stop doing things on your own, else you will end up regretting it afterwards. There are good people, there is also evil people everywhere, but the bad ones are much in number more than the good ones, be careful always and pray........

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