Deborah Stonell

I experienced a panic attack one day where I worried about what I had done with my life.

I wanted to make a real difference in the world, have a big impact & leave a legacy but I just felt like the supporting actress in someone else’s movie.

With more years behind me now than in front, I questioned whether I had stewarded well the gifts & talents that God gave me, or had I buried them in fear?

The Lord met me where I was at & showed me my life like a film reel in front of my face & I saw that no time had been wasted & that everything was connected – my roles were part of my journey not the destination.

I excelled at supporting others, building them up, growing their businesses & building their dreams but I wasn’t meant to continue to do it in the capacity that I had been. I was meant to be a leader in my own right & build an impactful business around my purpose, helping others to do the same.

Through coaching & revelation, it all came together & I trained to be a Breakthrough Coach.

Freedom was so important to me, but I hadn’t realized how much & it had impacted every area of my life.

I now help purpose-driven Christian women, who want more out of life but feel stuck, to connect the dots in their own life so that they can activate their Kingdom calling & create a business that they love so that they can make an impact, make money & make a difference.

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