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Ellen McFarlane


In this hour, Elijah fire will be poured out upon the sons and daughters of God, and they will not be running for their lives, retreating into caves, or trying to hide under trees and bushes. Let it be known from the north to the south, and the east to the west, Elijah is no longer running from Jezebel. Her tower of intimidation shall be toppled and not one brick of pride and arrogance will be left standing.

For in the past, some of God’s greatest generals have had to run for their lives, threatened, bullied, and made to question their own call and ability to do what they were born to do! Many have been brought to exhaustion, depression and driven into ruin. Some have left positions, thinking that the assignment of God is too much to bear, because of the relentless attacks of this diabolical spirit.

Enough is enough, says the Lord. Much revelation and insight has been given about the covert operations of Jezebel and Ahab her counterpart. The tactics of manipulation, seduction and domination have been exposed. No longer will Jezebel infiltrate and destroy the unity, fellowship, and strength of God’s people. No longer will this spirit of extortion dominate the boardrooms, infiltrate the prayer groups, and drive out the pastors. No longer will Ahab and Jezebel wreak havoc and steal Naboth’s fruitful vineyards. No longer will this demonic spirit bring exhaustion, depression, and despair upon God’s anointed!

God is calling you, calling you, calling you, oh Warrior of the Spirit! This new breed of Elijahs are here in the earth right now! They are receiving supernatural strength, courage, and discernment from on high at a whole other level. They have heard the Voice of the Lord commanding them to fear not, rise and stand upon their watches. The Spirit of Prophecy and the fire and zeal within them will not be extinguished! In the anointing of the Lord, they will take authority, and cast out the Jezebel spirit of manipulation, control, and intimidation, and forbid her operations. And she shall be thrown down from her palace. Ellen McFarlane (prophetic art E~M)

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