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I really do believe in the power of prayer. I have seen this power first hand in many instances

when I have prayed for something and my prayer was answered. When something that I have

prayed for specifically is answered I always say, “thank you God for answering my prayers.”

I express this gratitude out loud because it is so important to be grateful. I also think that it is

okay to ask God for help when you need it and have the faith that he will hear your prayers. I

realize that not all prayers are answered but sometimes they are not answered because God

has another plan for us. Sometimes we can’t understand why at the time and often get

discouraged but this is when you have to dig deep and have faith that there is a reason for this.

I have found that some of my unanswered prayers were actually a blessing or a lesson I was

supposed to learn. So we have to remember to have faith and trust in God and know that he

will always hear our prayers and keep our faith strong.

Raquel Auriilia


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