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My story

Updated: Feb 15

I was brought up in Northern Ireland sadly not in a Christian home, from a young age my parents abused me physically and sexually. My parents was sadly alcoholics from a young age around 5 they would make me drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes with them. Often I'd miss school because I'd be sick with the drink. When it came to swimming or gym at school I'd pretend to be sick so I wouldn't have to change in front of anyone, so that they wouldn't see my wounds and scars. This continued until I was the age of 13. One evening a neighbor invited to his church I went along, I heard the gospel preached clearly and that Jesus was the way the Truth and the Life. That night I went home I couldn't sleep in bed I was restless. I got out of bed not sure how to pray but asking the Lord to save me and come into my life and take me from the situation I was in. Last Sunday in July 2003 I was born again. The next morning before school the Lord gave me the courage to write a letter to my school youth worker that day I was taken into care under social services. I was moved to a lovely seaside town i found a lovely Christian church I attended and grew in faith, at 16 I got into my first job and started living on my own in a little flat. I was also a rugby player and a keen rugby fan. I never thought that my previous days would come back to me, I thought I had moved on from it all. One day after rugby aged 21 I blacked out and was rushed to hospital, I was told I had a heart defect and had to have an operation and had lung operations also. However it was during this time in the hospital 3 times and in 3 different ways the Lord spoke to me clearly about the work off and evangelist. From his word it was do the work of an evangelist make full proof of thy ministry. Well after I got out of hospital i didn't heed God's will for me and one night in a meeting the preacher said someone still has to fully surrender to God's will, we are going to sing i surrender all, if you need to surrender all to his will tonight stand up. Well during the last verse the holy spirit convicted me that I had not surrendered to God's will. That night I surrendered and Active evangelism was born. I now run gospel missions and do door to door tract work and youth work, I don't have or get any church support sadly and I don't ask for money I always fully trust and rely on the Lord. God has been good that we've seen souls saved and lives transformed by Him To God be the Glory

Tom McDonald