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Receiving The Holy Spirit

Updated: May 31

The first time we receive the Holy Spirit is when we make Jesus our Lord and Saviour over our lives at salvation. We become spiritually "Born Again."

The second gift of the Holy Spirit is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which enhances our walk with Christ. It empowers us with boldness and gives us the ability to love others to Christ the way He designed.

Here is a list from the "Fire Bible" to test if someone has truly received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit:

1. He inspires us to love, honour and worship God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ like never before.

2. He makes us more attentive to our relationship with our heavenly Father and more aware of His presence daily.

3. He will cause a greater love and appreciation for God's Word.

4. He will deepen our love and concern for other followers of Christ.

5. The baptism of the Holy Spirit must be preceded by true repentance, turning from sin and surrendering to Christ.

6. He will increase our dissatisfaction with any activities that offend God and defy His spiritually pure nature. He will turn us from any selfish desire for earthly riches and reputation.

(Any experience that allows ungodly beliefs, behaviours and lifestyles are not from God. We did not receive the spirit of the world, but received the Spirit which is of God.)

7. He will give us a greater desire and power to spread the message of forgiveness, spiritual salvation and the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

8. He will cause us to be more receptive to the Spirit's work and purposes within the church as a whole among all of Christ's true followers and in our own individual lives.

9. He will cause us to be more conscious of the work, guidance and presence of His Holy Spirit in our daily lives.

Any experience that does not increase our awareness of God's presence and strengthen our desire to follow His leading is not a genuine experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Anything that does not reinforce our goal to please God, to accomplish His purposes and promote His work is not from God.

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