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The Chillout Lounge live show returns on Sunday the 17th . The subject will be Rooted in faith , this season I’m going to open up about faith verse Religion and talking in a very grounded way about the reason why the church of The Modern day is in danger of loosening it’s identity . This will be a season for the truth and as I go deeper it will be harder to say but I have never been convicted-more than to tell the truth as a Christian and as a broadcaster . The show will feature some of the biggest sermons of the modern age including those will expose occult’s that masquerade as Churches and global organisations that say that serve Jesus but use the name of the lord to get rich and live a very comfortable life . As series continues this talk about things that will test people’s theology and understanding of the Christian Faith . However I do so out of loyalty love and determination to serve the lord of the truth . The subjects within this series will be : Modern worship . Invoking spirits. Speak it out . Prosperity. Amen - A women . Paganism.

You can have your say by writing to this email , before the show is aired live on the 17th January 2021 at 5.00 pm GMT - 8.00pm GMT. This show will include guests through phone in chats from well known leaders and clergy from USA to Uk. Email me at this address :

You can hear the show by clicking on the link below . Through all home smart speakers and phones , pcs and iPad etc . You can also text me your response to this post to 07949878126

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