The Doorways.

Over the years the distinctive power that a certain atmosphere can have on people, has become more and more apparent,and this has meant that institutions, businesses and entertainments centre all use the psychological effect  and atmosphere to there advantage .

For example take a look at certain sports venues and opening ceremonies, they are designed in such a way that allow the best acoustics and visionary arts , you can hear the crowd cheering and in a stadium even when the home team is loosing, the crowd and atmosphere can lift any team .

Another example you go to watch a movie and what do they do , the comma turn off the lights turn up the speakers and some even offer an experience that engages with your seances, and with all this you feel the effects of the movie , it's all to create an atmosphere , take a look at bars or night clubs, loud music domed lights and enclosed environment mixed with alcohol , it's an atmosphere.

And we do this as well as Christians , we go to Church and most people on the way to Church are listening to some types of Gospel music , and whether it or not they are creating an atmosphere.

And when you get to Church the Worship team almost always mostly cone before the speaker .

The Atmosphere is distinctive force you can feel it and in a spiritual sense an atmosphere can be a spiritual door way .


have you ever noticed that you can walk into a room full of people, and feel an atmosphere, you can feel whether you are welcome or not,you can even walk into a Church feel welcomed or uneasy,in-fact you can even walk into a room with just your partner there and feel the atmosphere or mood in that room , without a single word being spoken .

Now scripture teaches us that there are spiritual battles all around us, we live in two atmospheres one is physical where our body lives and our senses are engaged where you can see hear touch and taste , the other is spiritual in this atmosphere we are not seeing with the natural eye we neither can can feel it with the natural senses , but it's still very real, whether you believe it or not .

We do not wrestle with flesh or blood , because our enemy is  not in the physical atmosphere.

And when we enter certain atmospheres when we open certain doors , when we expose our selves to spiritual doors, we are inviting certain presence into that space .

Now the type of atmosphere depends on what presence we are inviting, but before I go on any further let me tell you this !.

The Devil does not fight fare Revelations 12 vs 12 says" he is filled with fury because he knows his time is short" .

This means he will not give up until you are wounded and destroyed,and yes  he will attack us because we are chosen of God and he will also attack us if you leave certain doors open of our lives .

If we allow him access through  spiritual doors , and I want you to understand this before I go any further, regardless how much fury the Devil has and filled with , you must never be afraid .

We are to be watchful to be sober to be virulent but we are not to be fearful because greater is he who is in the world , God has given his angles charge over you , the lord has promised to protect you and the Bible says this is what I declare about the lord  

He alone is my refuge my place of safety he is my God and I trust in him .

But doesn't mean we should be ignorant we should be still alert as children of God , and one of the most dangerous things for a Christian should not do is deliberately open up the door to the enemy .

Ok you may now asking well Matthew how do you do that ?

Well first we need to know that the enemy is disruptive in the way he operates, he never openly try and walk into your lives,but instead he will hide behind things that you watch and read and down load and share and listen to and what I'm afraid what you are attracted to in following on YouTube twitter or even Facebook , even in the places you go to for entertainment.

People go to places to visit but have a feeling that they have no business being there , for example you will find Christians going to haunted house experiences or scary rooms at the amusement parks ,or following shows on magic and sorcery and witch craft and even though it's under the banner of entertainment, you are blindly exposing your soul to hidden dangers that can cause attachments and open invitation for the in godly to try and attack you .

And the reason I call theses all doors because as you watch something and when you listen to certain types of music and when you visit certain places you are exposing yourself to an atmosphere a pervading tone or mood and consider when we worship our lord God the atmosphere can change and shift around you, because your inviting him in your calling out your reaching out to the presence of God .

And the same is true when you switch off the lights to watch a horror movie what do you do , you create an atmosphere that can impact the way we think feel and behave .

 You may think it's entertaining but Your inviting an in Godly presence into your 

Home into life through the open door of media , because the spirit that is associated with the dark whilst your watching that film or concert is being invited by you because your absorbing the atmosphere that's been created by un Godly people .

The atmosphere from the media you are watching is either Anger, Lust ,or some kind of hatred .

And theses are the spiritual doors that the Devil enters through, that's why it's so important to be mindful of what atmosphere we are creating .

We need to discern who's presence we are highlighting within our lives .

Our enemy will keep on doing what he can to take kill and destroy, but he can only do his best work if you totally allow him to by giving him your consent and open the door.

The atmosphere of praise worship, love and humility attracts the Holy Spirit , therefore just in the same way lust ,anger , hate , swearing , cursing and lies can attract evil spirits into your home and lives .

You impact your own spirit by the atmosphere you choose , the choices you make in the places you go can impact the way you get into sin,so be careful with the places you enter .

Use wisdom and be alert and always pray before you have to go into theses places .

Like being on a mission as a Christian pray before you go anywhere before work before you go out with friends and before you go onto any media platform .

That's why we have to be guarded even in a season of pain, that's when we are most vulnerable someone some how will suffer some sort of hurt in there lives, whether it be betrayal, bereavement, loss of job friends or lack of self-esteem.

And the aim of the enemy is to destroy your faith and kill your hope in life , destroy the trust in your marriage and steal away someone's life even .

All because you choose to watch YouTube or Facebook instead of talking to God .

Have you ever thought of why spiritual mediums always centre there attention on the unhappy the low and the bereaved .

This is because faith causes you to see what is hidden and exposes it whether the person looking is good or evil .

But God also exposes evil to the one that is loyal and devout .

By being double minded is putting down the bible putting God to one side whilst you watch Netflix .

And as you watch through the windows you don't just invite through the windows you open up the doors to things that are hidden .

Unless God chooses you to look and to find he would not put you in danger of your soul being exposed to the elements of evil, he would however guide you to see what YouTube couldn't and Facebook will not .

But only by being true and steadfast to the word in life and in intent will you be able to protect yourself from hidden realms created by ungodly atmospheres.

Psalm 61:3

For you have been my refuge and my strong tower against thy enemy .

 Continued Subject secret places sermon for the Chillout lounge .

Matthew  John Branson

email me with your thoughts and prayer requests.

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