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Troi Nelson Cockayne

TRUE PASTOR - Jesus is my True Pastor. He alone was there in my darkest days, hugging my broken heart back to health. Whispering Comfort… Whispering Peace… Whispering Hope… When nobody else shows up, Jesus truly is God ‘with us’, True Love incarnate.

I am convinced the greatest church is the Church of The Heart, where Jesus Himself is The Teacher, The Preacher, AND The Prophet…

Where the Holy Spirit leads the service moment by moment, day in and day out.

True Love resides in THAT Holy of Holies.

The cold world will make you feel worthless. Jesus makes you feel priceless.

May His Kingdom come and His perfect will be done in our lives and and our children’s lives ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN in 2023 MORE THAN EVER, in Jesus Mighty Name!

#MoreLoveMorePower #MoreOfYouInOurLives “Restoring intimacy with God”

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