Violet John

Hunza is 12 years old, She lives in a slum. We saw her on the side of the road and she was looking for someone who can sleep with her and in exchange give her some money for food. When we saw her talking with some men, We rushed toward her and ask her we can give you food for free? If you have a minute for us to talk? She left the man she was talking with and came close to us.

We ask her name & age and Hunza told us. We told from how long you are selling her body to feed yourself? She told us that it's her 1st day today....She told us his father died last week because of some illness. Currently, she is living in a tent with her mother and they desperately need help. We took her back safely to her mother, We also told Hunza and her mother that Hunza told have to sell her body. We will help you in food but in return, we just want that you will pray and listen to God's word. Hunza is very happy!!! Look at the peace and joy on her face!!!

Keep her and her mother in your prayers, Pray for our food drive and join us if you led by the spirit.


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