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1930’s-2021 Modernism = denial of the fundamentals who was established in the 1940’s) Modernism go against all of fundamental needs associated with the Bible . Neo-Evangelicalism Came to bridge the gap between the two but ,again missed out the all important points of the Bible such as judgement ,long suffering and being humble not to mention the virgin birth , being born again . There main drive was prosperity and creating they call a seeker sensitive Church and one of non Judgement . 1950’s-2021 saw through the teachings of Evangelicalism came charismatic teachings with the under standings that not everything in the Bible has to be taught at the front of the Church . What ever has been doctored and hidden will be shown , the vail will come down to expose false Churches , leaders and teachings . All proclaim to tell the truth however there are some teachings that most modernism ,motivational stage hugging Churches won’t teach and that is fundamental understandings of the Bible and when you tell them about your stand on the truth this is there reply . “Why are you judging me ! “ you have mental health issues “. “ you are going to hell for your beliefs”. Modernism have corrupted Churches Governments and people’s minds for centuries it has created Scientology, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other cults . Some of theses cults and groups also have Government organisations funding them , and they even control a massive percent of Christian Culture today . Well known Pop stars from secular world of Pop have even have joined well know so called Christian teaching Schools . This year will be the start of exposure of false teachings and this will be a change that will cost people to do away with self gratifying feelings and reach out to the True word of God . More will be exposed of world wide controlled bigot, fascist run organisations that rule world wide religious cults that are responsible for the death of millions of Children and trafficking of innocent lives , they are responsible for brain washing generations of religious and non religious people alike . They hide the dark world of the elite behind big names and brands . I have faith that there is still time to know the Gospel , to be fundamentally grounded in faith and be un apologetically about the truth . That is Jesus Christ .

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