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Show /Song History

in the car

We cover every kind of genre in Christian music from Country - Gospel & Dance contemporary worship , classic worship to Rock Reggae & soul,Gospel House  and Chillout.

Chillout lounge

''I love listening. Always encouraging and uplifting''

Michael Randall

He will Rock you

''The Best Christian Rock show ever ''

Don Shrock  &  John Patterson

Beyond Compare

''Great Christian radio station with contemporary worship and interesting talk shows. Love listening to Vida Caplin.

So inspirational''!

Pastor  Rick Oldland

This is the Day

"I love listening to Dawn because of her history with Jehovah Witnesses. It help me to defend my beliefs at work and stand up to them and not sit quietly. You Dawn have made me such a better Christian and i thank you for this!!!
Also i love your voice!!! :)
Thank you do! God bless you!!. I will keep you in my prayers too.... love love LOVE listening to you"

Diane Giloiello

Daily Bread

Hey guys I'm Suzie and I would like to say a few nice words about one of Presenters, his name is Colin and he really has a ways with words and when he talks to the nation on the radio he speaks from his heart and it rings true. Anyway thank u for your time to read my message n tell Colin to keep up the good work. God bless to all xx

Revival Show

Loved the word today it really lifted my husband up who is 90 years old and frail, what a real joy!

Judi & Roy

The Christian hits Show

Great show and full of zest and fun just love to hear Ben do the Hits show also love the

shoutout & Dance Show to !


In the  House

Amazing Show full of great vibes mixing and great Gospel House tunes!

Novi Andries-

Indonesia Jakarta

We play this show on our Radio in Indonesia its number 1 !

Sam from Jakarta

This show has become number 1 over night brilliant show we cant get enough! 

Star 99 Fm USA

DJ John

The Grow Show

Absolutely love this Show, love the word and hearing Roberts voice every Morning !


Brilliant show your doing a brilliant job!

Selena Thompson

Jesus Be The Centre

A great mix of traditional music , Hyns and great Bible verse and testimonies.

Unknown- UK

Racman Show

Brilliant Mix of Top Christian Tunes , Country Gospel , Chat and great presenter.

Ellie -UK

Standout Show

"Brilliant show love hearing the Chillout lounge then staying tuned in for the Standout Show".

Denise from London

Jesus be the Centre

Old fashioned but good solid word.


The Worship Show

A joy to listen to Jesse has such a wonderful way with him.


Light House Country Gopel Show

Great Country Gospel Songs.

Unknown - UK

Point's of View

Our brilliant team of presenters have been selected carefully , not by looks or status but rather by Spiritual gifts and passion.

Each and every presenter does their job out of passion and devotion, and undergoes a strict but rewarding Radio Broadcasting Training before each trainee takes on the role as presenter. 

The presenter gives up their time to serve the Lord and delivers the Gospel without confusion, or division but totally of the Gospel.

Each presenter has a solid knowledge of the Gospel , and  they have all got different places of worship,  and we have a variety of  presenters from different walks of ministry , from Evangelists, Pastors , Church leaders, from youth groups to worship leaders.

Each show is different and covers every Christian Genre there is, from Rock - Hip-hop, Dance, Chillout, Reggae, Worship , Chat show, and Teachings.

Our team promotes diversity in the way of not letting learning disabilities or their past before Christ, get in the way of this ministry.

So we would really appreciate your feedback and your encouragement ,and comments.

Yours faithfully

CEO  Matthew Branson