We are an international Christian Radio Station that started from humble beginnings as a Radio Show called Christian Chillout Lounge. This was hosted on a local secular radio station in Blackpool in the Northwest of England.

The show played a unique blend of popular Christian music and chillout tunes and it was the stepping stone for spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through topic discussions, Christian news items from around the world, interviews and testimonies of great faith.

The Chillout Lounge is the foundation of this new and exciting radio station and it will continue to host many great Ministers, Evangelists and Christians plus people without faith who serve in the community.  This station's appeal is not exclusive to Christians, it exists to serve all and love all.

Cornerstone Radio Station will bring you 24 hours of both Christian and contemporary style music offering a unique blend of specially selected tunes to uplift and inspire you. Our music will broadcast 24/7 offering both modern and relevant praise and worship as well as nostalgic, classical popular or traditional styled music.  In addition, it is designed to be a voice of the community and we will gladly feature information from local Charities, Faith groups and organisations from around the world aligned to the Christian mission.

This radio station welcomes subscribers and sponsors and reserves the right to charge for some services although all profits will go to pay for running costs.

Details of these terms are available upon request. Please email us      info.ccradio@gmail.com

 if you would like to partner with us.

So what can you expect from this station? 

  • Great music and ministry
  • Prayer and intercession
  • Podcasts from highly respected Ministers and Pastors 
  • Multi-denominational Worship services  
  • Live phone chats, music requests and competitions.
  • Community news 
  • Live worship, poetry and debate.
  • Sponsorship from Charities and support groups
  • Advice and information on a broad range of topics
  • Outreach
  • Road Shows
  • 24-hour prayer request line/text service.

The team at Cornerstone Christian Radio Station want to serve God by providing a platform to help everyone understand the Christian Faith and see how easy it is to have a relationship with God.


  • Is there really a God?
  • Does God Love me?  
  • What is Christianity really about?
  • How can I become a Christian?
  • Will I go to heaven?
  • Does God heal?
  • Who is Jesus Christ?
  • Does prayer work?

We aim to answer these questions through our broad range of music and ministry and we hope you enjoy exploring these topics with us. So relax and enjoy our 24-hour music of worship and keep tuned in so you don't miss

our live and interactive shows.

If you have any music or prayer requests, wish to come on the show, promote your ministry or church event or would like to get involved either as a presenter, administrator, promoter or prayer warrior, please contact Radio Station Director, Matthew Branson at: Info.ccradio@gmail.com

or email the admin at  info.ccradio@mail.com

SMS +44 (0) 7949 87 81 26 or phone the Studio direct on 01253 290004


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