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Broadcasting the Foundations of Faith  to around the World.

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We cover every kind of genre in Christian music from Country - Gospel & Dance contemporary worship , classic worship to Rock Reggae & soul,Gospel House  and Chillout.

Returns January 17th 2021




  • God's Word is truth.

  • God defines truth.

  • God doesn't change and neither does truth.

  • The Bible is our Rock.


  • God is love.

  • Because God lives in us, we can love with God's love.

  • God can love through us.

  • Love never fails.



  • God is Holy.

  • We are called to be holy because He is holy.

  • Holiness is a fire.

  • God continues to refine us.

  • Respect. Courtesy.



  • Grace is how God powers His plan. 

  • Our gifts are determined by grace that comes to us from God.

  • God's grace is always towards us.

  • Obedience transforms grace into glory.


  • Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches.

  • We pray and we praise.

  • When we abide we will dwell in the secret place of the most High.

  • We live a life of forgiveness so we can continue to abide.


  • Our God is one.

  • We are one body and are therefore members of one another.

  • We forgive quickly.

  • We are merciful.

  • We speak truth in love.

  • We refuse to be offended.



  • We share the good news of Jesus Christ with others.

  • We let God love the world through us.

  • We put fee to our faith helping friends find their heavenly Father.


  • We live a life of sowing and reaping.

  • We are generous.

  • God is our source.

  • We look to be the answer, not wait for an answer.


  • We are at peace with who God has made us to be and we serve joyfully in His grace.

  • We edify others.

  • We serve God by serving those He died for.



  • Faith is a trusting relationship with God.

  • Faithfulness is being trustworthy and dependable.

  • We are faithful to God.

  • We are faithful to family and friends.


  • We are called to lay down our lives, pick up our cross and follow Him. 

  • We are selfless, not selfish.

  • We prefer others.

  • We live to be a blessing.

  • We accept short term sacrifice for long term joy.

  • Cornerstone Christian radio

Who we are!

Our brilliant team of presenters have been selected carefully , not by looks or status but rather by Spiritual gifts and passion.

Each and every presenter does their job out of passion and devotion, and undergoes a strict but rewarding Radio Broadcasting Training before each trainee takes on the role as presenter. 

The presenter gives up their time to serve the Lord and delivers the Gospel without confusion, or division but totally of the Gospel.

Each presenter has a solid knowledge of the Gospel , and  they have all got different places of worship,  and we have a variety of  presenters from different walks of ministry , from Evangelists, Pastors , Church leaders, from youth groups to worship leaders.

Each show is different and covers every Christian Genre there is, from Rock - Hip-hop, Dance, Chillout, Reggae, Worship , Chat show, and Teachings.

Our team promotes diversity in the way of not letting learning disabilities or their past before Christ, get in the way of this ministry.

So we would really appreciate your feedback and your encouragement ,and comments.

Yours faithfully

CEO  Matthew Branson

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