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Churches Feet

The Spirit of the Lord would say to his Church, “I am attuning you to the frequency of Heaven. Yes, I am bringing you into spiritual harmony with Heavenly places for you are being fitted with new armor for my purposes in the earth.

It is critical that you give up the old practices, structures, and the influence of relationships that have tied you to the old. Whatever refuses to allow you to move into the new things must be removed. Many of you have been hidden on purpose by me in the caves of Adullum but I will cause you to emerge to reap great harvests in cities that I will send you in the coming days.

Prepare yourself, shed off the old and pick up your sickle for there is an Open Heaven for you without leaven! I will show you what it truly means to be seated with me and speak from a place of authority. You will watch with your eyes as you bind with your mouth and five Demonic Kings will fall at the church’s feet.”

wrote by Charlie .

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